FootBathTx soaks away bacteria and fungus, which helps fight athlete’s foot and its symptoms for good.

The patented science behind FootBathTx was developed by two Canadian researchers in Vancouver, British Columbia. One is an expert in his field (Ph.D), the other a very gifted Chemist (Ph.D). While researching the ways the body fights infection and disease they learned that it was possible to harness one of the body’s natural defenses against fungi and bacteria.

The body creates a particular nanomolecule as its first line of defense against infection. It is now widely known that this molecule plays many roles in the human body besides just defending it from harmful microbes. The scientists developed a patented way to create this molecule in water so that it could then be used as a supercharged solution to kill fungi and bacteria. The theory turned out to be far more effective than imagined. The goal was to create a product that could cure Athlete’s Foot.

With such great results they started working on ways to turn this research into a product and make it accessible to those that could benefit from it. After many tests to make sure the product was safe and creating the perfect formula, FootBathTx Foot Soak Treatments were finalized and a new product was born.

You need to get to the root of the problem when you want to get rid of weeds. It’s the same with Athlete’s Foot. When you are looking for an Athlete’s Foot cure you should be asking if it is fungicial (kills fungus) and sporicidal (kills spores) not just anti-fungal.

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Athlete’s Foot Fungus 101

FootBathTx softens skin and helps heal dry, cracked, scaly feet, which leads to deep fissures on the heel, which can cause bleeding.

Fungus is similar to a plant. When it is a seed or spore, it is very difficult to kill and can lay dormant for a long time until the conditions are right, and it sprouts. When a plant sprouts it is much more vulnerable to things that can cause it harm. Fungus is the same.

This is why it is hard to kill and always seems to come back. When your foot itches and burns the Fungus is in the growth phase. That’s usually when people buy something to relieve the itch and burn. The symptoms come and go. This is because these treatments do not kill the fungus in its spore phase.

The fungal spores hide in shoes, socks, and in between the toes. They are at swimming pools, gyms, even your home floor. They hang around without any symptoms until they are in a warm moist environment for a period of time.

This is also the reason why the current products on the market require long treatment periods. These treatments are effective when the spores sprout. It’s not uncommon to see treatment recommendations of 3 times a day for 30 days. Then a “preventative” measure once or twice a day….forever.

These are attempts to kill the fungus at some point during its growth stage and be present when new spores do sprout. A similar example would be cutting off the top of all the weeds in your back yard and then standing by them ever ready to cut off the first sign of growth. Futile. Yes they are gone, but the roots are still there and will eventually grow back unless you are forever present.

You need to get to the root of the problem when you want to get rid of weeds. It’s the same with Athlete’s Foot. When you are looking for an Athlete’s Foot cure you shouldn’t be asking if it is anti-fungal.

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