Questions & Answers

You will receive 4 FootBathTx Foot Soak Treatments (this consists of 4 Base packets + 4 Activator packets). Each sachet contains about a tablespoon of powder; Each treatment requires the combination of base and of activator to be effective (2 sachets).

Fill a foot soak tub with five liters (or quarts) of warm water. Pour one Activator and one Base packet into the water and stir for 30 seconds. Soak affected foot for 30 minutes once daily for three days; then repeat on the 8th day from the start of the treatment.. Dry with a clean towel after each soak.

You will know that it is working when you see bubbles forming on your feet. Another sign is that after three treatments a slight temporary yellowing of your dead skin and nails will be noticeable. This will fade as the dead skin sluffs off and the nails grow out after treatment.

The active ingredient in FootBathTx kills fungal spores which are the root cause of Athlete’s Foot. It does not just deal with the “symptoms” like other common products. It also works on a cellular level so thick skin on the soles of the feet does not prevent it from working.

Yes, the active ingredient is a molecule that the body produces as it’s natural defense against disease and infection.

We recommend that you consult your doctor. The product temporarily and locally increases blood flow, a possible benefit of using this product for people suffering from foot infections caused by circulation difficulties.

It is the oxygen in the air reacting with the treatment on your foot when it is taken out of the water immediately after treatment. If it is bothersome, a quick rinse in regular water will relieve it. *A very small percentage of people (0.5%) react with the treatment and develop a slight skin rash. Typically this happens when they have another foot problem that is not Athlete’s Foot. Antihistamines have shown to relieve the reaction. Consult your doctor immediately to determine what type of foot issue you are dealing with. 0.5% of people treated in our studies had this type of reaction.

No, but this is quite common among athletes. Participating in sports often means that feet spend a considerable amount of time in warm, most conditions. For example, sweaty socks and shoes. Additionally, the fungi that causes athlete’s foot is easily spread on swimming pool decks, locker rooms and shared shower floors.

No, while keeping your feet clean and dry, especially between the toes is very important, soap and water will not kill the fungus that causes athlete’s foot. Once treated however, keeping your feet both clean and dry may reduce the chances of reoccurrence.

While walking around in bare feet, wearing sandals or open toe shoes helps prevent athlete’s foot by keeping them dry, walking barefoot on a surface that contains athlete’s foot fungus is one way of getting infected. The fungi can also be spread via towels, bed sheets, sock and shoes.