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FootBathTx succeeds where other foot odor treatments have fallen short. Our treatment destroys spores at the source with a dual activating solution that creates a particle in water. This particle is identical to what our body produces naturally as its first line of defense against infection and odor.

The two Canadian researchers who developed FootBathTx had the specific goal of creating a formula that eliminates foot odor in its earliest stages by obliterating fungal spores. Clinical trials for FootBathTx have shown dramatic results.

The Opportunity

Foot odor and itching plague approximately 70% of Americans at some point in their lives. The feet can sweat more than any other body part, aside from the hands, so it’s no wonder smelly feet are such a common side effect from simply wearing socks and shoes all day.  Sweat buildup on the feet can lead to fungal growth, making the odor and discomfort even more unbearable.

People experiencing foot odor usually turn to topical antifungal medications, which can take up to eight weeks to see results and often come with skin-irritating side effects. These products are not only slow and inconvenient to use, but frequently fail to eliminate foot odor once and for all.

“Fungus is similar to a plant,” said Richard Gray, CEO of FootBathTx. “When it is a seed or spore, it is tough to kill and can lay dormant for a long time until the conditions are right and it sprouts. When a plant sprouts, it is much more vulnerable to things that can cause it harm. A fungus is the same. This is why it is hard to kill and always seems to come back.”

FootBathTx not only offers fast relief from foot odor and itchiness; it promotes good foot health by increasing blood flow to the feet, aiding in cellular repair, softening skin, and decreasing the likelihood of future outbreaks. Join us in our mission to provide foot odor sufferers everywhere with a remedy that really works!

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 How To Use

FootBathTx users only need to take a 30-minute foot bath once a day for three days straight, then repeat on the eighth day from the start of treatment. This regimen is much shorter and easier to follow than any other athlete’s foot product on the market, especially when compared to antifungal creams, which need to be applied multiple times per day for several weeks and are often met with poor results.

FootBathTx advanced hydration therapy foot soak provides additional foot health benefits, including:

  • Eliminates extreme foot odor
  • Relieves uncomfortable itching and burning
  • Softens hard, dry, flaky skin that can cause deep fissures
  • ncreases blood flow to the feet
  • Aids in cellular repair

What’s in the Box

Made in the USA, FootBathTx is packaged in a box that includes four foot soak treatments, each consisting of two packets filled with approximately one tablespoon of powder.

These two packets, the Activator packet and the Base packet, work by combining with five quarts of warm water in a tub.

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